Volume 72 • Issue 1 • 2023 • Nonmarriage and the Law: Fourth Annual Roundtable

Today, nearly twenty million adults in the United States are cohabitating, some maintaining committed relationships while living separately and others living together while maintaining relationships with some form of intimacy or dependency—apart from the traditional confines of marriage. All the while, others have chosen to remain single. With the proliferation of these arrangements comes legal reforms—albeit slowly—to address and accommodate nontraditional couples along with scholarship to examine the reasons couples and individuals are parting from tradition in higher numbers.

Published by the Washington University Journal of Law and Policy (“Journal”), this seventy-second volume continues a growing tradition of cutting-edge scholarship. As part of our fourth roundtable event on nonmarriage, this volume features articles and essays (reflections) from academics across a wide range of disciplines on the economic rights of nonmarital partners, the constitutional issues relating to nonmarriage, the design of regulatory responses to family composition, and the implications of legal directives across a myriad of demographic categories, including race, gender, class, and sexual orientation—to name a few. The featured authors have worked tirelessly to bring quality contributions on the phenomenon of nonmarriage to this Symposium’s publication— Nonmarriage and the Law: Fourth Annual Roundtable.  



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