Teaching From The Integrative Paradigm: The Negotiation Clinic At Quinnipiac University School Of Law


This Article proposes an integrative approach to legal education with a particular focus on clinical education. The Authors trace the theory and practice behind the Negotiation Clinic at Quinnipiac University School of Law to illustrate the benefits of the integrative approach. This Negotiation Clinic utilizes the Conscious Contracts model of integrative deal-making. The Authors note that this clinical approach shares several of the learning outcomes present across other clinics, like professional identity formation, excellence in communication, collaboration, teamwork, and practice ready skills. However, the integrative approach is distinguishable for its explicit focus on student and lawyer well-being and transformation of the student experience. The Authors advocate for widespread adoption of the integrative approach among legal educators in order to keep pace with evolving educational and professional norms.


Quinnipiac, negotiation clinic, conscious contracts, legal education, clinical education, professional identity, integrative approach, lawyer well-being, legal educators, evolving norms, student experience



Carolyn Wilkes Kaas (Quinnipiac Law)
Jacqueline Horani (Quinnipiac Law)
J. Kim Wright (Quinnipiac Center on Dispute Resolution Project for Integrative Law and Legal Education)





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