(Il)Legal  Violence  at  the  Border:  A  Comparative  Analysis  of LGBTQ+ Asylum Claims in the United States and Europe


An estimated 175 million LGBTQ+ individuals worldwide live under persecutory environments. As highly controversial conversations regarding issues of sexuality are taking place in the context of current unprecedented global population movements, masses of LGBTQ+ individuals are fleeing their home countries in hopes of international protection in safer environments. Researchers estimate, however, that fewer than 2,500 LGBTQ+ refugees a year are accorded protection globally. This Note engages in a comparative analysis of LGBTQ+ asylum claims in the United States and Europe. The author’s analysis highlights the shortcomings of the asylum systems with regard to proving the credibility of LGBTQ+ asylum claims, being “gay enough,” and the applicability of LGBTQ+ asylum frameworks to all ‘letters’ of the acronym. To remedy these shortcomings, the author proposes a series of policy-based suggestions that advocate for the protection and furtherance of LGBTQ+ refugee and asylee rights both nationally and internationally.


LGBTQ+ Asylum Claims, LGBTQ+ Refugees



Amanda Lack (Washington University in St. Louis)



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