Modern-Day Apartheid in Missouri: How Massey v. Normandy Schools Collaborative Overlooks De Facto Segregation Created by Missouri's School Accreditation Classification System


The Missouri School Transfer Statute allows students in unaccredited districts the option to transfer to a school in an accredited district at the expense of the unaccredited district. In Massey v. Normandy Schools Collaborative, the Court of Appeals for the Eastern District of Missouri held that the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education exceeded its authority when it classified the Normandy School district as a state-oversight district when it had previously been classified as unaccredited. However, the decision in Massey does not go far enough as the effect of these Missouri public education policies is a modern-day apartheid school system. This Note advocates for better utilization of the statutory right to request assistance from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.


Massey v. Normandy Schools Collaborative, segregation, schools, Missouri, accreditation, Missouri School Transfer Statute, racial discrimination



Kyla Vick (J.D. (2019), Washington University in St. Louis)



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