Procedural Justice and Policing: Four New Directions


This Article, by Professor Rebecca Hollander-Blumoff from Washington University School of Law in St. Louis, analyzes the concept of procedural justice within the frame of contemporary policing. Using the shooting of Michael Brown as a catalyst, Hollander-Blumoff advocates for four potential areas of future development in procedural justice: (1) the interaction between the research on self-control and procedural justice; (2) research on the tools most effective in creating positive perceptions of fairness by police; (3) the implications of treating procedural justice not as a dynamic interchange; and (4) the role of reactive devaluation as it might affect reaction to procedural justice reform.


procedural justice, contemporary policing, police, ferguson, Darren Wilson, Michael Brown, justice reform, African Americans

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Rebecca Hollander-Blumoff (Washington University School of Law)



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