Justice for All Americans? Fatal Shootings by Police


This Article discusses the August 2014 fatal shooting of Michael Brown and the April 2015 death of Freddie Gray in the context of a larger national problem: high frequencies of police brutalization towards ethnic- and racial-minority individuals. The Article proposes two broad solutions to combat the pervasive police brutality and the riots that follow these heinous incidences. As a long-term solution, this Article proposes that all Americans be included in society by way of earning a living income and maintaining a certain standard of living, which necessarily involves affordable housing and quality education. As a more short-term solution to mitigate the negative effects of post-shooting rioting, this Article suggests the facts of the case be presented in a neutral light that both seeks truth and recognizes the feelings of the family and the community.


Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, Ferguson, police brutality



The Honorable Cruz Reynoso (University of California Davis School of Law)



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