Campaigning for a Library Funding Referendum: A Detailed Success Story

  • Michael Celec (Union Library Company of Hatborough)
  • Jeanine F. Delwiche orcid logo (Hatboro Library Yes Committee)


In2019, we asked the taxpayers to increase our library’s budget by votingthemselves a tax increase. This article is meant to help other public librariesto successfully conduct a similar referendum. We believe the details of ourexperience will have broader application and usefulness, especially for publiclibraries in Pennsylvania.

Disclaimer:The processes we describe in this article are specific to the Commonwealth ofPennsylvania, and will be applicable to differing extents in other locations.As we are not attorneys, this document should not to be relied on as a legalguide. We advise you to seek legal counsel regarding all legal matters. Theprocesses we describe were current as of 2019.

Keywords: Public libraries, library funding, voting campaign, political strategy, political outreach, public library support

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Celec, M. & Delwiche, J., (2021) “Campaigning for a Library Funding Referendum: A Detailed Success Story”, The Political Librarian 5(1), 38-45. doi:

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Published on
01 Nov 2021