In Memoriam: Charles Wendell Carnahan


Charles Wendell Carnahan, 1903-1961. Ph.B. 1923, J.D. 1925, Univ. of Chicago; LL.M. 1937, Juris.Sc.D., 1942, Columbia Univ. Admitted to practice in Illinois, 1925; Missouri, 1943. Engaged in general practice with several law firms and alone, in Chicago, 1925-1930. Asst. Prof. of Law, Univ. of Louisville, 1930-1935; Assoc. Prof. 1935-1936; Prof. of Law 1936-1938; fellow Columbia Univ. 1936-1937; Prof. of Law, Washington Univ. since 1938; Zumbalen Prof. of the Law of Real Property since 1946. Visiting Prof. Univ. of Texas, Summer 1956. Attorney in home-office of General American Life Ins. Co., half-time 1943-1946. Editor, Cases and Materials on Conflict of Laws (1935). Co-Editor (with Taintor, Brown and Harper), Cases and Materials on Conflict of Laws (1950). Author, Conflict of Laws and Life Insurance Contracts (1942), (2d ed. 1958) ; The Dentist and the Law (1955), and of articles in various Law Reviews.


Biography, Charles Wendell Carnahan



Edwin W. Patterson (University of Virginia Law School)
Stanley M. Rosenblum (Washington University School of Law)
Frank P. Aschemeyer (Washington University School of Law)
Joseph A. McClain Jr. (Washington University School of Law)



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